JDRF Fundraiser Walk 2019

Exciting news, my lovelies!

My progress for the 120,000 steps challenge as of 07/09/19

I know I have been offline for a while, but I kinda got distracted by a grand thing called LIFE, and I've been busy, you know! But it also means I neglected my story-sharing project for a minute. But I couldn't resist sharing these news with you...

It is THAT time of the year again! The JDRF walks are starting soon and with that my motivation has gone through the roof. We are taking part in JDRF One Walk to turn type one into type none! I am attending 6 walks this year: 3 in NSW and 3 in QLD where I moved recently. Find me in Wollongong (NSW) on the 15/9, in Katoomba (NSW) on the 29/9, then in Petrie (QLD) on the 13/10, followed by Redlands (QLD) on the 20/10 and Sydney (NSW) on the 27/10 to end of the finish line at the Gold Coast (QLD) on the 3/11. I also registered to the 120,000 steps challenge because why the hell not?

The last time we were part of the JDRF walks was back 2017 and I had raised $981.11. This time, I would like to beat that number so our first goal is $1000. So in addition to my initial $50 donation, I pledge to donate $5 per $100 collected!

Our team back in 2017

For those who have not been following my blog, let me explain why we walk: Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can strike at any time. I have had it for almost 14 years and it is a nasty thing to deal with every day. But it does not just affect me. It affects more than 120,000 Australian families, and 7 people are diagnosed every day. You yourself probably know people who struggle with it or know someone who does. It is now a very common illness. So our team is walking with the #JDRFbluearmy to raise funds for research to cure, prevent and better treat type 1 diabetes.

The walks themselves are more about meeting with the community based around diabetics and celebrating the wins. They also are great to raise awareness in our society. Please DONATE NOW and support our walks to change the lives of those living with T1D.

Come on, you know what to do! Like and share my facebook page HERE, visit my JDRF page to donate and even join our team HERE! Because even if you cannot join us on the days, the more people advocating this, the more awareness spread and funds raised.

I promise to write a new post on my blog soon, but in the meantime, please help me and my team in this exciting adventure.

Many thanks,