An Introduction

Hi dear reader!

Before going straight to the core of the subject, you need to know a little bit about me, for context.

My name is Julia. I was born in Paris, France in 1992. My mum was a journalist there, my dad an architect and artist. I have three brothers: V born in 1990, A born in 1999 and B born in 2005. We lived in France until 2006, when my family and I moved to Sydney, Australia. There I finished my French high-school certificate (Baccalauréat) at the French School of Sydney in 2010. After a gap year, I went to drama school (where I fell in love with acting), and graduated three years later, in 2014. Since then, I have been looking after myself, working at a local bookshop, reconnecting with my first love, books. I won't say any more or what was supposed to be a short introduction will end up being a full length bio. With this, you have enough to understand who I am. That's for the setting.

I will tell my story from the beginning and write my way through to today. I hope you have a comfy seat... Also, as I am a slow writer, I will publish a chapter of my life monthly (if I manage to stick to it).

Now, my story.

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Happy and fighting

Why am I writing?

I've always loved writing - words are my friends, they have such a powerful way of conveying a message. They can open your eyes to the truth or envelop you in a cloud of imagination, they can sting and they can heal.

I decided to use my words. I have been living some tough moments as a diabetic, and I really think sharing those experiences, as hard as it is to share something so personal with the whole world, is a great way to turn them into positive things. 

I have struggled greatly for the past few years to turn my life around and be in control of my diabetes again. Even though I still have a lot more ground to cover, I have come so far. And I am so proud. All that heart-ache and doubts and despair. They have paid off. I have found myself and I want to share my story. 

I am sharing with diabetic people because YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I am sharing with their families and friends - what they cannot express to you maybe I can and you'll understand at least a bit better what your loved one is going through, every day of their lives, for the rest of their lives.

I am sharing with medical engineers, physicians, endocrinologists, diabetes nurse educator and pretty much all professions touching diabetes, even from afar - in the hopes my feedback and testimony will make things go forward.

Sharing is caring, right? So this is me, caring.

I will be publishing a chapter monthly. I invite you to share this blog with somebody, anybody, everybody. Diabetes is a today/everyday issue. There are so many of us out there, and so much more who do not even know they're diabetic yet, because they lack important information. Maybe my blog will not only create a support for us out there but also help raise awareness. I sure hope it will.

In the meantime, enjoy your reading!